The story

The story

Wanting to increase awareness of patients on the importance of a quality medical service, we decided from the start to promote a new concept:

“Dentistry is an exact science! We just highlight his beauty.”

Our philosophy

“Where science and art create the perfect smile”

Perfect, healthy and beautiful smile, represents for the modern man the natural business card that catch the attention of those around, giving them confidence.

In dentistry, excellence does not occur by chance! It is the result of combining experience, clinical skills, choice and use of materials and therapeutic procedures in full accordance with the bioesthetic and functional patient’s needs.

Besides the usual treatments, our team use also innovative treatment concepts, the latest internationally, using the clinical and scientific accumulated knowledge and good interaction with worldwide specialists, leaders in dentistry today.

More than just words

We are a young and friendly team, well trained and attentive to every detail and are able to make the dentistry an art and the art a way of life.

The approach is personalized treatments, paying attention and enough time to obedience problems and expectations of patients to explain the treatment plan, the costs, and to realize maneuvers with maximum precision.

Prevention and complex post-therapeutic maintenance programs are an integral part of each treatment, playing an important role in the aesthetics ONE team’s success..

Last but not least, the dental technicians team which collaborate with our clinic, brings an artistic touch to the creation of the perfect smile that everyone dreams about.

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