Medical care and our guarantee

Medical care and our guarantee

We are before anything else people and we treat each patient with care, respect and understanding. As doctors, we are well prepared, being also in a continuous process of self-improvement in order to achieve excellence. Only in this way could I create dentistry from art, and from art a way of life.

Our guarantee

In this context, we offer a 2 year warranty for the works performed in any of the two ONE aesthetics headquarters, as well as a personalized warranty extension in terms of treatment and concept of treatment. At the same time, we offer the guarantee of a fair fee for each treatment.

Patients obligations

  • regular visits for checkups and professional cleaning at least every six months;
  • strict observance of the instructions of the attending doctor or specialist doctor;
  • keeping good oral hygiene;
  • notifying the treating physician of any change in health status or the initiation of medical treatments.

Courses and congresses


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