Diagnosis and treatment plan

Diagnosis and treatment plan

Besides the information provided by the primary clinical consultation and imaging investigations, the following procedures completes patient’s record along with functional aesthetic analysis in order to establish the correct diagnosis and customized treatment plan:

  • digital photos set with the initial situation;
  • video recording;
  • recording the study models showing the initial situation;
  • discussion / interview doctor – patient by filling in the esthetic check-list. All this information recorded in the first stage of the consultation can sketch the diagnosis and the ideal treatment plan, to be detailed with the patient in the second stage of the initial consultation

The importance of correct diagnosis

Making a correct diagnosis, according to local and general condition of the patient is very important in choosing a treatment plan, especially for the reliability of the long-term selected treatment.

Treatment plan

After analyzing all the recorded information, the following things will be presented to the patient: the concept of treatment, ideal treatment plan for existing clinical situation, and alternative treatment. Also, the patient would see real similar cases, treated over time in the clinic, with the initial images, those of the end of the treatment and especially those recorded at greater control intervals, this being one of the most important criteria selection of doctor for a patient who wants to be well informed.

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