Functional aesthetic analysis

Functional aesthetic analysis

Functional aesthetic analysis represents the first step in any correct prosthetics or aesthetic rehabilitation treatment. This stage is mandatory for current dental treatment and includes: aesthetic and functional analysis.

Functional analysis

Aesthetic analysis is represented by recording a number of essential information for making aesthetic diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • facial analysis (symmetry and diversity of facial proportions, profile)
  • dental labial analysis (lip movement, the line of smiles, oral corridor)
  • phonetic analysis (very important for determining a proper rehabilitation of the front teeth)
  • dental analysis (tooth size and shape, color, texture)
  • gingival analysis (gum health, the zenith line, interdental papillae)

Aesthetic analysis

Functional analysis completes the aesthetics analysis in order to achieve a correct treatment plan and integrates/ adjusts aesthetic information for biointegration both static and dynamic.

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