Dental-facial Aesthetics

Ceramic veneers no prep and minimal prep
Teeth whitening
Mucogingival aesthetics
Lips aesthetics and mesotherapy

Minimally invasive implant surgery

Minimally invasive implant surgery in the digital era
Flapless dental implant surgery
Implants in the esthetic zone
Immediate implant placement in extraction sockets

stomatologie digitala

Digital Dentistry

Digital preview of the final result (digital smile design)
Digital vs. conventional impressions
Digital CAD/CAM technology for prosthodontics
Digital implant planning

Prevention and Oral Hygiene

Prevention of cavities and periodontal disease
Professional cleaning in the clinic

Pediatric Dentistry

Temporary dentition treatment (baby teeth)


Orthodontic treatments for children and adults
Incognito invisible braces
Invisalign clear braces
Gnathological treatments

Conservative Treatments

Direct restorations of the anterior teeth
Direct restorations of the lateral teeth

Prosthetic treatments

Anterior aesthetic rehabilitation on natural teeth
Anterior aesthetic rehabilitation on implants
Rehabilitation through fixed prosthesis on natural teeth and implants
Overdenture on implants

Functional treatments

Occlusal equilibration
Functional ceramic veneers
Temporomandibular joint treatment


Clinical diagnosis and imaging (3D)
Complex endodontic treatments
Microscopic endodontics
Endodontic microsurgery
Internal bleaching

Parodontologie si tratamentul bolii parodontale


Non-surgical periodontal treatment
Treatment of gingival recession
Mucogingival esthetic surgery
Minimally invasive periodontal regenerative surgery

tratamente laser stomatologic

Dental Laser Treatment

Dental laser periodontal therapy
Lasers in esthetic dentistry
Leser treatment of oral lesions
Laser assisted endodontic therapy
Pain therapy and biostimulation

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery
Sinus lifting
Reconstruction of alveolar ridges

Oral pathology

Oral mucosa disease diagnosis
Oral cancer screening

Radiology and Imaging

Dental intraoral complete status
Retroalveolar X-rays
Panoramic X-rays
3D imaging investigations
(CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

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