I think about whether there are similarities between what I and my generation colleagues imagined while studying and along the entire initiating route in the profession and what we perceive now, in real life, over 10 years when I first came in contact with a patient. I was still a student, I remember how the fear tried to chase our confidence, information recently received swarmed overhead and we didn’t know which one to extract for the first step… We were confused but optimistic, we imagine us being good clinicians in 10 years, internationally representative opinion leaders, representatives of a nation that gave the world, over time, personalities in various fields, including medical…

Time passed, we tried to get where we wanted … some of us have changed the Romanian environment without common sense and dusty, with cold seriousness without feelings of certain European regions, others chose warmer areas where British pensioners went to the beach and they were made an upgrade to teeth in seven days. Naturally, there were a few acquaintances who quit the patriotism and the profession, changed the domain and are successful managers (or not) in various multinationals… And we, who have managed to immunize against Romanian dust above-mentioned accompanied by horns and indecent language of an alarmingly high number of citizens, and we decided to continue the started road, to become good clinicians, even internationally opinion leaders…

Why not?

I feel a sense of sadness whenever I attend to a seriously specialized congress… I never had the honor to see a Romanian dentist in the lecturers list. That practice in Romania. Every time my patriotic pride was touched … And recently I realized I better lose my patriotism in favor of performance. A very close person with great experience of life, and with extensive professional experience abroad, told me as I became mature. Is it the patriotism incompatible with performance in our case?

What I kept today from the projected image before graduating from the university? I will let everyone who read these rows to exercise its memory …

Speaking for myself, I kept optimism … I am sure I will meet, in near future, colleagues as Romanian leaders, lecturers at international congresses. Until then, I’ll enjoy whenever I will have the opportunity to discuss with these colleagues, regardless of the generation, that put first the uncompromising quality of medical act. And there are not few! Some of them will return to aesthetic dentistry congress in May… For a better dentistry!

I want to dedicate this editorial to first doctor who gave me a chance to see quality dentistry in practice, since early student years, and that unfortunately is no longer among us.

In memoriam Dr. Christos Salomidis. RIP.

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu
Events Director SSER

Editorial extracted from Cosmetic Dentistry from Romania
Year III – Number 1 – April 2010

We are practicing dentistry in Romania… and we are doing it increasingly better…

It was an intense year… Clinical cases, courses, congresses. I had the opportunity to meet some of the best trainers in the world, this time without having to follow them all over the world where hold presentations, but in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara, where they were invited into the DENT project. Could be considered an achievement?

Three days ago I celebrated 10 years of graduation. I eagerly awaited this moment, to see my colleagues, to share our life experience of the years in which we went our separate ways, remembering the passions and enjoy the achievements.

All those present in the room said a few words about their accomplishments personal and professional… and each time, along with professional accomplishments there is a personal story, smilingly exposed even when having sad parts… I felt like I was surrounded by winners.

A special person in my life told me recently that he does not want to think about achievements … because they are not tangible. So what is a tangible achievement? Turning a passion into something concrete? Happy patients? Successful clinics? Triathlon podium? Family? Children? Or maybe all together … Ultimately, the greatest achievement is to feel good with ourselves in everything we do. The rest comes naturally at the right time.

Finally matters what remains… Each is important in its own way. Our business performance is not reached easily… However, once reached, there is no turning back.

This story has no end … will continue as long as there will be in us the desire to follow our professional and personal passions, and not only these… We must learn to appreciate… To appreciate us… To help the community to evolve. Including that of Romanian dentists from the country or everywhere. Putting of the vanities and jealousies and become better doctors. Better colleagues. Better humans.

Follows an intense year… Other clinical cases, other courses, other congresses. European Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry will be held in Bucharest. We are on right track… We practice dentistry in Romania… and we start to do increasingly better…

I dedicate this editorial to the colleagues from Faculty of Dentistry from “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy class of 2001. Both the ones I saw at the meeting and who have managed to turn their passions into achievements, and those there were absent and that I hope to see again… earlier than other 10 years!

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu
Events Director SSER

Editorial extracted from Cosmetic Dentistry from Romania
Year IV – Number 4 – October 2011

Top dentistry in Romania of 2014. Between the avalanche of courses and the reality of interdisciplinary treatment…

I wanted to write this editorial because a cycle was ended … It’s been over three years since then, during which time many things have changed in Romanian dentistry. And even if it seems surprising for the country we live in, most of these changes were for the better. At least that is how I’ve seen lately the way things stand in interaction with our colleagues at various events organized by SSER and not only.
Increased interest in courses with the desire to give patients a right, predictable and reliable treatment. There were printed codes of conduct… and began increasingly more comply with it.
Doctors collaborate between them, make accurate diagnoses after extensive analysis of cases, they do interdisciplinary treatments… We are approaching a normality that can only make us happy. Moreover, on the posters of some international congresses began can be found Romanian doctors, along with prestigious names of the world dentistry. It is the evolution we wanted, that’s the way we wanted to go. Important is to not fear of our own achievements and of the scale of values of the road that we chose…

I wanted to start with the good things, with the achievements, with recognition of progress… There is still the thick end of the stick and reasons for warning, given that doctors who did not emigrate are those who wanted to stay in the country just to make performance and strengthen the road I mentioned above…

The courses avalanche can lead to a specialists’ avalanche. And overqualified doctors… but sometimes, their skills are only on paper. Some experts have even started to self – limited practice only for some maneuvers… although dentistry is a creative profession, self-limitation can severely affect the overall medical vision and the possibility to integrate specialized treatment in general treatment plan…

Interdisciplinary treatments, teamwork, trust and honest communication between doctors, specialists, partners… however, if there is not a highly trained doctor to integrate treatment in the team and assume this treatment, the risk of failure can be very high. And suffering is not one of pride, but a real one, of the patient… But I’m optimistic that it will not get that way…

Because there is trust, honesty and good communication between doctors aiming to the medical act and patient welfare. Which is why they do their best for patients in clinics where they operate, which is why they participate in team at congresses and courses, which is why you can meet them where you least expect … a good endodontist at a periodontology course, a good surgeon at an aesthetics course, a good implantologist at an occlusion course or a good prosthetics specialist at a course of orthodontics…

As for us, although the DENT project ended, we will strive that added value that SSER brought in Romanian dentistry, to be found hereafter in the events we are preparing this year… but also in we as ordinary doctors that have sworn into the Hippocratic Oath…

I dedicate this article to Aura Ion. She gave his life for medical act before being doctor. I have not met her, but I’m sure she would had done performance and would had been an exceptional doctor…
Rest in peace…

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu
Events manager SSER

Editorial extracted from Cosmetic Dentistry from Romania
Year VII – Number 1 – March 2014

Courses and congresses

Alecsandru Ionescu

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