Nowadays dentistry

Nowadays dentistry

The “less is more” concept represents the minimally invasive approach in dentistry today, with applicability in many specialties:

  • dental and dental-facial aesthetics, direct and indirect adhesive restorations;
  • functional dentistry, occlusion;
  • oral surgery and implantology;
  • other specialties (endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, facial aesthetics).

What our patients want?

  • fewer treatment sessions and more gentle interventions;
  • absence of pain – intra and post op – for any type of maneuvers;
  • predictability and reliability of treatment;
  • low costs.

What we can offer to our patients?

  • a precise and reliable treatment concept;
  • an interdisciplinary treatment well-directed by the coordinator doctor;
  • a fair price for each treatment performed.

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