Oral Implantology and Periodontology

Oral Implantology and Periodontology

The implantology today

Implantology has developed in recent years as a result of patients’ requirements for aesthetics, from systems and accessories for fixed prosthetics to special systems for total prosthetics. To achieve such an aesthetical result, it has increasingly resorted more to using the most advanced materials and technologies (CAD/ CAM, 3D planning, bio materials, etc.). However, often failures were reported in terms of aesthetic and functional stability on long term, primarily due to non-observance of biological principles.

Biological approach

In the past 10 years, we have analyzed more parameters and we concluded that a biological approach in implantology lead to a predictable and stable result, both in terms of functional and aesthetic. Our studies in conjunction with clinical results obtained led to development of a treatment concept based on respect for biology and patient comfort. Our minimally invasive techniques have been presented in recent years at international congresses and conferences and, besides being enjoyed by professional appreciations, have brought Romania back on the map of world dentistry.

Flapless implantation

Flapless implantation is the minimally invasive approach in oral implantology, based on compliance with all biological aspects, diametrically opposite approach to the traditional techniques involving mucosal incision, denudation of bone for better “visibility”, postoperative sutures, etc. Also, the comfort after surgery is maximum, in most cases the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort following the surgery.

The precision of minimally invasive surgical techniques

Although not a “heal-all”, the minimally invasive surgery can be used in the vast majority of cases that can be treated in daily practice in the dental office. Of course, current technology adds value to the success of this treatment, imaging investigations, 3D reconstructions and especially good clinical analysis performed by a specialist doctor, contributing to achieving extremely precise and safe interventions. To get the expected result, these techniques may be used only by experienced doctors who know and understand biological principles. Aesthetics ONE Clinic is the center of excellence and training center for this kind of treatment every year doctors from our country and abroad come to us, open to change their vision and approach regarding the surgical techniques used in daily practice.

Treatment planning

Nowadays, implantology is no longer a specialty exclusively surgical, but is considered a surgical side of prosthetic treatment. Thus, the decisions about where the insertion of implants will be made are no longer taken according to the “bone tender” but by the ideal design and position of future teeth. Thereby, the stage of implantology treatment respects current treatment concept “backward planning”, which involves the development from the beginning of a future project of definitive restorations, based on which unfolds all stages of treatment.

Periodontology today

Periodontology is the specialty that deals with the treatment of periodontal disease, the most common inflammatory condition with destructive nature of human pathology.
Treatment of periodontal disease has changed in recent years. Also its objectives. Professional articles and impious opinions invaded media channels. If in the past, the main objective was to stop periodontal disease, currently a correct approach to treatment can lead to tissue regeneration and healing. The only aspect remained unchanged of all times is itself the causal factor occurrence of periodontal disease: bacterial factor.

Treatment of periodontal disease

The current treatment plan of periodontal disease is developed by a specialist doctor following an established diagnosis based on clinical consultation, imaging investigations and microbiological tests. Non-surgical treatment can be completed by local or systemic drug treatment and laser treatment. Periodontal surgery is performed as the last stage of periodontal therapy.

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