Final result preview

Final result preview

“Reverse your thinking. Start with the end: backward treatment planning.”

This is the motto that characterizes the current concepts of dental treatments and has a double meaning: on one hand, visualization of the final result by the physician in order to choose the optimal treatment plan and, on the other hand, visualization of the final outcome by the patient and its design between expectations (subjective) and possible boundaries (objectives).

What is the final result preview?

After all the information described above are gathered and completing the aesthetic check-list, the patient visualizes different shapes of the teeth with different textures (“shapes & skins”), which will be the benchmarks for future simulations.

This is a digital simulation of digital smile design, which is used both for communicating with the patient and communicating with the dental laboratory.

The lab creates a simulation of the future final wax result on previously registered gypsum patterns, thus modifying the existing model situation by so-called “wax-up” technique, which can be done manually based on information provided by the physician or through current CAD / CAM procedures that allow the application of exactly the desired shapes and textures by the skin technique.

Regardless of the method chosen, this type of simulation is indispensable both for functional therapy and for aesthetic completion, any treatment started without having such a project is often doomed to failure.

In some situations, this project can be transposed temporarily into the oral cavity (indirectly, by replicating the simulated situation – “indirect mock-up” or even directly by the physician – “direct mock-up”) for even better visualization the future result, the analysis of some details, the use of various types of guide keys or patterns, which can increase the precision of certain stages of treatment.

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