Over time we have been engaged in special projects with impressive results.

Quintessence International Romania

In 2006, together with Dr. Octavian Fagaras, we established the Romanian edition of the most prestigious professional magazine in the world: Quintessence International Romania. In 2007 I retired from the executive activity, keeping my role as co-founder of the Romanian edition. The magazine was a publishing success and a clinically and scientifically benchmark for dentists in Romania.

Cosmetic Dentistry Romania

In 2007, along with the takeover of Romanian license and publishing of the magazine of the Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania, I joined the editorial board of the Cosmetic Dentistry Romania magazine, the only magazine dedicated to aesthetic dentistry..

Editorials written for Cosmetic Dentistry since 2010 reflect subjective the personal evolution in Romanian and international dentistry context: “Patriotism vs. Performance “(No. 1, year III – April 2010),” Between passions and accomplishments… (No. 4, year IV – October 2011) ” and ” Top dentistry in Romania of 2014. Between courses avalanche and the reality of interdisciplinary treatment… ” (No. 1, year VII – March 2014).

Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry

Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry, the first edition dedicated to dental aesthetics which was printed in Romania.

The work contains 367 pages of modern dentistry, it has been edited by SSER and launched at the international congress of aesthetic dentistry that took place in Bucharest in May 2013.

Quintessence International Publishing, the leading publisher in the field of dentistry and oral surgery in the world, launched in the IDS Cologne (10 to 14 March 2015) the English version of the book Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry.

It is the first time in the history of Romanian dentistry when such a book is translated, printed and distributed internationally.

  • Authors

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu and Dr. Andrei Iacob, two of the 16 authors of the Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry – the most spectacular publication in esthetic dentistry field in Romania, a modern approach, interdisciplinary, prosthetic-orthodontic-periodontal complex cases whose resolution requires most often teamwork.

Courses and congresses

Alecsandru Ionescu

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