Private practice

Private practice

In a time of eternal transition, in a continuous changing world, along with several colleagues full of optimism and passion, we tried to sketch the concept of fair and beautiful dentistry, based on the work without compromise… We wanted personalized approach to treatments, patients benefiting from special attention and given enough time, both to explain the treatment plan, and to realize maneuvers with maximum precision.


After 17 years… “Dentistry is an exact science! We just highlight his beauty.”

Future projections

Dentistry as exact science, must become a reality within reach of every patient.

Our goal is to not stop, regardless of obstacles or difficulties encountered, in this respect there is a development project of this concept, which takes into consideration the working philosophy without compromise. With our words: to make the dentistry an art and the art a way of life.

  • Licensed: Faculty of Dentistry from “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Specialization: Oral Implantology and Dental and Dental-Facial Imaging
  • Own clinic: 11 years
Courses and congresses

Alecsandru Ionescu

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