One of the most important aspects of current dentistry is teamwork. The patient is not treated as in the past by a single physician, instead he is treated by a team of specialists who will approach the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary treatment throughout the entire period, being permanently assisted by the coordinating physician, this approach being one that increases the rate of success.

The team

The ONE aesthetics team is made up of young people, well trained, with professional education in the country and abroad, positive, always with a smile on the lips, eager for performance, dedicated to the patients and the medical act.

We have always appreciated and will appreciate the values, the sparkling minds, the original ideas … even though we often had to look for them and it was not easy to find them. If you feel that you need to give us a chance to meet you, please send us a CV accompanied by a cover letter at

Available positions

Available positions at this time are:

  • Dentist, dental prosthetic specialist;
  • Dentist, specialist in periodontology;
  • General dentistry nurse;
  • Radiology medical nurse;
  • Endodontic health care nurse (microscope).

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