Functional treatments

Functional treatments

Dento-maxillary system

Dento-maxillary system is a set of tissues and organs anatomically different, that are morphologically harmonized in order to fulfil the functions of chewing, swallowing, phonation and physiognomy. The constituents of dento-maxillary system are: maxillary bones, temporomandibular joints, dento-maxillary system muscles, teeth, salivary glands and oral mucosa.

All these anatomical elements constitute a whole, and the correct functioning of this ensemble is oral health.


Occlusion is the specialty that deals with the study of the contacts between the teeth of the two arches.

Functional analysis and treatment principles

Functional analysis is part of the clinical investigation made before beginning any oral rehabilitation treatment or is done independently for patients who accuse functional problems. Also, this analysis should be made whenever there is suspicion of functional disorders identified in the initial consultation.

Full analysis involves, besides clinic consultation made by a specialist, making some study models, fitting and analyzing them in articulator (instrument that can reproduce main three-dimensional movements of the temporomandibular joints) 3D imaging tests of temporomandibular joints, and a series of specific functional investigations.

The most common cases are those involving an occlusion problem. If the interpretation is correctly made, the functional analysis can lead to identify the cause and making of proper treatment plan. At the same time there are situations in which more factors are involved that require specific treatments, often interdisciplinary.

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