Clinical cases

Clinical cases

Today’s dentistry differs greatly from what it was several decades ago, both in terms of materials and technology, especially from the perspective of treatment concepts and the medical act itself. In the past, dentistry was somewhat devoted to teeth, whether they would be “filled”, extracted, or would have “removed their nerve.” Edentulous spaces were treated with various types of fixed or mobile prostheses, “crowns,” “bridges,” or “dentures.” In any case, the patients were going to the dentist when they had some pain, when they were “crushing” a tooth or a dental filling or when they did not “hold” their dentures. However, since then, many visionary doctors have been endeavoring to respect biological, functional and even aesthetic principles.

Current treatments are more and more specialized, sophisticated equipment allows approaches that were previously considered science-fiction, in this context the tooth remained only a small detail, the main elements being function, aesthetics, dental-facial harmony … integration, adaptation, “tension-free” and of course hope that now we understand how we can copy nature…

Nowadays, patients are informed. In online environments there is an abundance of ideas, opinions, solutions … a good thing, of course, as long as there is discernment and the last word has its medical team. On the other hand, doctors do not get out of hand: they present cases, solutions, discuss ideas on forums, conferences, and also work as long as the main winner is the patient and the evolution of this medical specialty. The universal digitization associated with the abundance of uncensored online casuistry can even lead an honest and well-trained specialist at a point where it can hardly distinguish the good of bad, unethical of ethics, fashion science and marketing medicine…

What we aim for in our daily work is a minimally invasive approach of biological treatment with our team, which employs the benefits of cutting-edge technology, but preserves the foundation of the medical act and of scientific relevance.

  • Aesthetic rehabilitation: veneers no prep and minimal prep;
  • Functional rehabilitation: palatal ceramic veneers;
  • The total functional rehabilitation – aesthetics;
  • Interdisciplinary treatment: orthodontics, prosthodontics and periodontics;
  • Minimal invasive oral surgery;
  • Minimally invasive implantology: flapless implantation;
  • Implants in the aesthetic area;
  • Complex rehabilitation on implants;
  • Gingival aesthetics: minimally invasive treatment of gingival recessions;
  • Mesotherapy and lips aesthetic using growth factors (PRGF – Plasma Rich in Growth Factors).

  • Before-Fatete Ceramice
    After-Fatete Ceramice
    Inainte Fatete Ceramice Dupa
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