Dental-Facial Aesthetics

Dental-Facial Aesthetics

What could be the next level in aesthetic dentistry?

Esthetic dentistry was considered an absolutely “boom” in the past 30 years, especially when it comes to modern methods of teeth whitening or ceramic veneers non prep and minimal prep. Esthetic dentistry is no longer a pioneering field, almost every doctor or clinic makes this treatments type in daily practice. However, we, as dentists, we tend to limit ourselves to aesthetic dentistry at intra-oral level, although the absolute beauty is on framing the teeth in the big picture, lips, face.

Once perfectly aligned teeth cannot be further aligned … Once whitened to the lightest hue, at the express request of the patients, teeth cannot be whitened much more … The question is which might be the next step? What can we do to not cap in our own achievements?

It is the moment when we must go forward with what we have achieved in aesthetic dentistry and integrate these results in the ensemble of surrounding tissues, creating a dental-facial aesthetic result that will highlight every single detail.

Minimal prep and non-prep ceramic veneers

No prep and minimal prep ceramic veneers are thin ceramic foils of up to 0.3 mm, which are sticky attached on teeth surface without grinding (no prep veneers, lumineers) or only a slight sketching to the enamel level and it provides excellent aesthetic results and a full bio-integration.

Lately, no prep veneers are used successfully in rehabilitation that includes functional movements restoration (anterior and lateral mandible guide). Veneers can be applied both vestibular (on the outside of the tooth), palate (inside the tooth) or even double veneers on the same tooth, to avoid polishing with sacrificing healthy tissue of the tooth as in the case of traditional crowns.

Although the results are spectacular and can be obtained in only two treatment sessions, a functional-aesthetic complex analysis is needed before this type of treatment. Veneers are considered long-term restorations, once cemented are integrating seamlessly on teeth that are applied, both functionally and aesthetically.

Muco-gingival aesthetics

The recommended procedure is teeth whitening with a gel activated by LED lamp. It is a safe procedure, performed in the clinic in a single session about 45 minutes and is supervised by your dentist, ensuring a predictable and stable result. But the opportunity of teeth whitening is however analyzed by the dentist, taking into consideration issues like individual caries activity, but also an eventual prosthetic/ esthetic treatment that will be performed.

Dental-Facial Aesthetics

The first step in teeth aesthetic biointegration in the whole surrounding soft tissue, is the muco-gingival aesthetic treatments. These minimally invasive treatments, on the edge of periodontics, dental aesthetics and facial aesthetics refers to solving problems related to the gingival contour level (gingival recession or lowered gum), gingival volume, lack of interdental papillae, etc.

Aesthetics lips and mesotherapy

Dermal filler therapy restores the lost volume of the soft tissues of the face. Younger people have smooth facial skin. As they get older, the volume is lost by the loss of collagen and fat in the face, starting to show areas of old and wrinkled skin. Dermal fillers as correction of this aging process were accepted by patients worldwide, in terms of its immediate effects, reasonable cost and ease of their application.

Although it is not possible a fast recovery for severe wrinkles areas, there are new treatment options and mixed therapies available to slow the aging process (especially in visible areas as lips and face), the most recent being the use of growth factors, whose top of the range is considered Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF), a natural regenerative treatment now available in our clinic.

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